If you work a lot on a computer and want to keep your vision in order or to keep vision of your children and relatives, who are crazy of PC, this program will be very useful for you!

Tired man in fron of PC
Tired girl in fron of PC

EyesGuard will remind you about necessity to have a break during a long work on computer. This program places an icon into the system tray and does not disturb your work. It allows to adjust the duration of time between breaks, duration of breaks and has some more functions: sound effects and monitoring user activity for stopping time counting when you are out of PC. Try to use this program and then EyesGuard will guard your vision!

The idea of creation

The reason for writing the program was the fact that I had to spend a lot of time in front the monitor (CRT, not LCD!) when I was a student. I had to do many laboratory works, essays, course projects, etc. However, understanding the need for this, I remembered that it was harmful to my health: my eyes grew tired and red, I used to work on the PC for several hours almost without any breaks . But, nevertheless, it was extremely difficult to turn away from the screen. The result is red eyes, blurred vision, bad mood and vision degradation. But it was very useful to take a break. Thinking about the problem, despite the screen, you often helps to find right solutions and sometimes much more faster.

So this way appeared an idea to write a program that would remind meabout the need to take a break. (The search for such a program in the Internet did not bring the expected results: either the program turned out to be paid, or it did not suit me in the functionality or ist interface).

Healthy eyes

About EyesGuard

EyesGuard helps you to keep vision in order

This program helps you to organize your work on a computer properly. It reminds about necessity to have a break during long work and informs about the start and the end of the break. After starting EyesGuard places an icon with an eye into the system tray near system clock. If the eye is blue the program works, if it is orange the program does not work (and so your eyes can become orange too! ;) ).

Main menu of EyesGuard opens by clicking right button of mouse on the EG`s icon in system tray. All settings are made at the window "Settings", which can be opened this way: Main menu -> Settings or by clicking left button on the icon.

The duration between breaks should be from 5 to 120 min., the duration of breaks should be from 1 to 30 min. You can vary this settings as you want, but you should read recommendations of oculist at first!
All settings are stored in the file set.dat in the same folder with exe-file. If this file is not present, EyesGuard applies default settings. After click "Apply" button this file will be created. There are some additionals features like sound effects and and monitoring user activity for stopping time counting when you are out of PC. If you don't want to make breaks at all you should choose "Turn off" option.

System requirements: OS Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (I hope this program works on Windows 8 и 10 also)

EyesGuard does not demand an installation and does not insert any records into the register of your operational system. For automatic start of the programm, you should add a link to exe-file to menu "Autostart" in Start menu of Windows. For exemple
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup - for Windows 7).

EyesGuard is distributed under GNU GPL license. A source code is available also.

Oculist's recommendations

The time of continuous work on a computer should not exceed 45 minutes. Optimal working time is 30 minutes or less. For children that time should not exceed 15 minutes. Break duration should be from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the working time. However you can change this settings as you want.

During the break it is recommended to do some exercises for eye's relaxation.

And the main thing: never forget about your health!!!

Healthy eyes

Download EyesGuard

EyesGuard is distributed under the GNU General Public License. The official publication of the license GNU GPL you can find here:

Last version of EyesGuard you can download from here.
Source code and previous versions are also available at GitHub.

EyesGuard was written using the IDE Borland C++ Builder 6.

There were used some icons for noncommercial usage from sites and Thanks to their authors!

For Linux users: if you want ro run EyesGuard under Linux you should use WINE. After wine is installed run this command:
$wine "[path_to_file]\EyesGuard.exe


Your opinions, wishes and observations you may send by e-mail:
Also you can join to EyesGuard project!